Back in 2009 while Traveling with my partner along Highway 11 going north to Englehart, Ontario, Canada I noticed this large metal bison as we drive past. We finished up what we had to do in Englehart and headed back south on highway 11 and I just knew I had to stop and check on this large bison and take a few pictures of it.

For sure a must see if you’re ever up in that neck of the woods

North American Bison

“Manitou”, The sculpture is in Earlton, Ontario along Highway 11. Earlton is about 200 km ( 125 miles ) north of the city of North Bay and about 30 kilometres north of New Liskeard. The sculpture was designed by Mike Camp in 1985 and is 19 Feet (5.8 Metres) high and 27 Feet (8.2 Metres) long and weighs about 9 tons. it is made up of Steel, fiberglass to nuts and bolts, that is welded together. You can tell it is a Bull Bison but just looking up and that’s all I will say about that.

For sizing here is a picture of me with the Bison

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