The NEW Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari Experience

I was really excited to hear that the Zoo in Toronto was going to be offering a brand new experience called Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari, where visitors could drive around the zoo in the the comfort of your own car. It is new experience at viewing the animals in a totally new way at The Toronto Zoo. Since I am a member of the Toronto Zoo I was one of the first people that got to check out this brand new hopefully temporary experience.

Please keep in mind all these images on this post were taken from a car, sometimes while the car was moving

The Toronto Zoo has been closed for a few months do to the COVID-19 virus so people haven’t been able to get to the see the animals and of course no visitors means less money for the zoo to help feed the animals and pay the staff who help take care of the animals.

You even get to drive into the Lion Den

The whole experience takes about an hour once the Tour has started , There is a Guided audio tour podcasts at was created to play back as you drive around that can be played back on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. There are signs telling you when to start and stop the podcast as you drive around the Zoo.


Check out The Toronto Zoo’s website for more information about the zoo at


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