Rested on the shores of the The Grand River, a short distance from Lake Erie there is a town called Dunnville.

It is the home of the World’s largest Mudcat Sculpture unveiled on November 14, 2009 called “Muddy”Muddy was is 50- foot long, 27-foot high located in Centennial Park in Dunnville, Ontario and was Designed and built by Mike Walker

There is a plaque near Muddy that reads:

"Welcome to Dunnville, Home of "Muddy" the mudcat. A Mudcat is a form of channel catfish and is being recognized here due to its longstanding association with Dunnville. Dunnville has had ball and hockey teams named after the mudcat, we have an annual "Mudcat Festival" and of course the Grand River, is teeming with mudcats. At over 50 feet in length, it is the largest statue of its kind in the world. The statue was built as a project of five Dunnville service clubs, all of which have contributed generously towards its construction and ongoing maintenance costs.

Dunnville service clubs : Dunnville Kinsman Club, Rotary Club of Dunnville, Dunnville Lions Club, Dunnville Lioness Club, Dunnville Optimist Club"


For sizing here is a picture of me with the Mudcat

Not to far away from “muddy” is The Dunnville Airport, the former World War II RCAF Training Base that is now the home of the the No. 6 RCAF Dunnville Museum.  I happened to get the pleasure of a small tour of the Museum and hanger that has older planes that still fly from time to time so if you’re ever in the area of Dunnville please make sure you check out “Muddy” and The Dunnville Airport.

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