Let’s go on a 3 night cruise aboard “Amplified ” in early 2019 Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. Orlando and Fort Lauderdale was already pretty chilly and the weather report was not too looking good about getting into any ports during this voyage.

The pool water in Cococay was 25 Celsius ( 76 Fahrenheit ) because of lack of sun and lower than normal temperatures a few days before we got there. even our Canadian lakes in the summer get to above 80 Celsius during the summer. I did dip my toes in the water and that was enough for me. I have heard since then the pool has warmed up a bit so please check it out and let me know. Didn’t really care too much about that as I was about to go on a cruise. Something not everyone can afford to do so just being about to go on board this ship was exciting enough for me.

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