This huge 2700 pound ( 1225 Kg ) stainless steel Trumpeter Swan Sculpture by Ron Hunt was erected in the harbour of Midland Bay / Town Dock in Midland, Ontario in October of 2001 by the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre to pay tribute to the Trumpeter Swan, which the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre bring back from near extinct but now there are currently just over 1000 individual Trumpeter Swans in Ontario with the help of the Trumpeter Swan Program. The Sculpture helped bring in a lot of funding into their reintroduction program as it brought awareness to the Trumpeter Swan near extinction

Random Swan facts:

Swans have 25 neck vertebrae – that’s almost twice as much as giraffes, who only have 13

Trumpeter swans currently only 6000 left in the world but a better then what they once were

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